5 personal safety apps that watch your back

If you live in the city it is very easy to feel unsafe and nervous especially if you like going out. However, with your smartphone you don’t need to worry anymore. With the combination of wireless capabilities, video, and GPS of an average Smartphone, we can now watch each other better. There are various apps that are specially designed to help you stay safe whether you are going to watch a movie or walking home at night. The following 5 personal safety apps will keep you safe through common features on your Smartphone such as GPS, SMS, alerts, videos and many other.


bSafe – iOS and Android



bSafe may be the gold standard of the personal safety apps. The app allows you sign friends as guardians and enables them to track your trip back to home via GPS. When you are in danger, you simply send a text message with a sound alarm simultaneously to alert your friends by just pressing a button on bSafe. In addition to this, the app will also start recording a video of the incident. The app also comes with a Fake Call feature which is an added advantage if you are on Tinder dates. It will let you set a time for a fake call so that you are able to have an excuse and exit. All the videos, voice, and location of incidents are stored in the apps servers in case they are needed for proof.


React Mobile – iOS and Android



This is one of the cleanest and easy to use free personal safety app. React Mobile allows you to send to your contacts SOS messages. When you open the app, it displays a page with the Send SMS, Contacts, and Map buttons located below. In the Centre is React Mobile Shield that will send an alert through SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter when you tap it. The shield will also give you the option to call 911. When you want to deactivate the Shield you will long press the shield icon and then enter 5555 which is the cancel alert code. The Settings, Alert, and Follow Me button remain constant regardless of the app screen you are in.


Watch Over Me – iOS and Android



Watch Over Me is an app that enables you stay safe by alerting your friends when you don’t respond. When you open the app, it will ask you to fill what you want it to watch over you while you do and who you want it to watch over you for. You will also add a time frame which will start counting down as soon as you tap the round button at the countdown screen to confirm that you are safe. You can extend the watch over session through the square button located below it. When the timer hit zero and you fail to confirm that you are safe, the app will contact your selected contacts through an SMS, GPS, email, and Facebook.


StaySafe – iOS and Android



With the Stay Safe app, you are able to get Auto-Inform services including a PIN verification system. There are four buttons on the home screen including Start countdown, Panic button, Manage contacts, and your settings. The app will ask you to verify the location you are in when you are setting up a countdown. When the countdown expires or you hit the panic button, an orange Alert sent message will display on the screen and an alarm will be triggered to alert your selected contacts. With the premium version of this app, you are able to get an advanced GPS tracking on an interactive map.


On Watch – iOS and Android



If you are in college then On Watch is an ideal app for you. It is specifically designed for college students. With features like a 911 call, Friends option, and Campus Police feature where you enter the number of your campus police manually beforehand. The app is designed to look like a watch and there are Emergency Friends, Watch My Back, and I’m Here buttons located at the home screen’s bottom. You will set a timer that will alert your campus security, friends, 911, Facebook, and Twitter when the time elapses and you do not respond. The alert will go to only the contacts that you have selected. Most of these features need you to unlock at a monthly price. However, the major downfall of this app is that it is crashy and buggy thus needs to be improved.

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