Best Self-Defense iPhone Apps you should have for Personal Security

Isn’t it amazing how much the tech world is significantly changing? Along with these technological changes came Smartphones, continually being upgraded to help make work easier while allowing us to work efficiently. Unfortunately, even in our relatively safe’ modern society, we’re still not assured of safety whenever we’re out alone with reports of crime rates seeing an alarming rise, from theft and rape to vandalism and kidnaps.

But with nearly a million Apps developed each day for almost any category you need, App developers have equally helped address the issue of personal security. The iPhone device is one perfect example of how much your gadget can appreciably save your life during such heart-throbbing times.

With the best personal safety apps developed for iPhone, you can be sure help will always be there whenever you need it. This list of SOS apps will undoubtedly assist you in any dangerous situation you find yourself so don’t wait till it’s too late to download one.


Safety App #1: My Panic Alarm




My Panic Alarm is an iPhone personal security App ideal for people in public places. If you’re in a public place but fear for your safety, you can use this app to grab people’s attention and get help. It’s quite simple, just open the app and press the alarm button.

Your iPhone will then sound a loud alert, anyone within will surely notice. Moreover, aside from the alarm, My Panic Alarm additionally works with flashing lights on your screen.

This feature is not only ideal for grabbing people’s attention during the day but conversely great even in the dark. This app has a usefulness rating of three out of five and will cost you absolutely nothing to download.


Safety App #2: SOS iEmergency




The SOS iEmergency is by far the best personal safety apps available for iPhones. This is because most of us get paralyzed by fear during a crisis that we face a challenging task getting in touch with emergency medical services.

Whether it’s a medical emergency, crime or fire emergency, this app will truly help you by taking care of literally everything provided you tap the right button. And while you’ll have to part with $1.99 to get the app, the features you’ll receive will be worth your money.

It sends an SMS and email with your GPS coordinates to your preferred emergency contact person at the time of the crisis. Furthermore, local authorities will equally be contacted based on your country settings.


Safety App #3: SEND HELP – Emergency SOS Panic Button




Much as this app is free and works nearly the same as the SOS iEmergency, it is quite useful and will help you when in a dangerous situation. It has a single large button you can press to send an emergency SMS and email to the pre-established person.

You’ll conversely be able to publish your current location details as a Facebook status or Twitter alerting your friends who’ll, in turn, get in touch with the authorities.


Safety App #4: Global SOS




The fact that this free app has excellent user rating means that lots of people find it useful. It is among the best personal safety apps for people who travel to various countries yet have little information on the country’s emergency numbers.

First and foremost, the Global SOS app gives you a list of important emergency numbers in the country you’re in. Aside from this, you’ll be able to send a predefined message and current location details via SMS to any preset contact number you input during installation.


Safety App #5: Safe Snap




Wouldn’t you rather take an image of your attacker and send it to authorities for easy tracking? SafeSnap lets you do just that with three rapid clicks. It is a great app suited for those tired of the loud alert sound or distress signal. This capture and alarm tool let you additionally take photos of the attacker during a theft or assault.

These pictures are then sent to a preset number along with your GPS location allowing your preferred emergency contact person get in touch with the police to trace the assailant and track your whereabouts. This $3.99 app also saves all these information on their server so you can always view your previous SOS emails.


Safety App #6: Attack Alarm SMS




This simple-to-use app has a big red virtual button that creates a loud alert sound when tapped. You can also set it with two contacts after downloading who will simultaneously receive SOS text message sin case of an emergency. Downloading this app is free, and with excellent user ratings, you can be sure it will serve you best during unforeseen emergencies.


Safety App #7: Safe Trek




Safe Trek costs $1.99, but these could be the best dollars you’d ever spend. This dedicated app will give you some solid sense of security whenever you’re walking down a dangerous path or dark area.

Open the Safe Trek app when you feel insecure and hold the safe button. When you release the button, an SOS message will be sent to local emergency service alerting them to your exact location. You can always disable this alarm usually within ten seconds using your preset four-digit pin number.


Beyond your Personal Safety


You can always download these apps from the App store to prepare and stay ready during an emergency. And while these may be the best personal safety apps available for your iPhone device, it is crucial to remember that your personal safety goes beyond that. For instance, you can always avoid walking along a lonely path at night or keep off crime-ridden areas to guarantee your personal safety.

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