Email Security Tips

Most people understand the importance of internet security in both personal and business network. Unfortunately, most of this information is viewed as theoretical since no one believes that they will be subject to an attack. It is important to avoid relying on probability and lack for your online safety. Moreover, you should understand that taking a few simple steps can protect you from these vulnerabilities. One of the primary areas of vulnerability is the email. These accounts are connected to social networks, personal identities and even financial information. Therefore, a cyber-attack could lead to exposure of private details, identity theft and stealing. Here are some email security tips to help you protect your personal and business accounts.



Sign Up for Separate Accounts


As mentioned above, email is connected to most aspect of the modern lifestyle. Unfortunately, this means that if the account is compromised, you will lose all everything that is attached. Therefore, you should not use a single email address; spread the risk by using different accounts. You should have a professional account through which you share only serious business information. Remember that malicious hackers only need a single weak point to infiltrate a company. If you shop online using email accounts, ensure that the address is different from your usual social networking setup. This separate email system is not only safer; it will contribute to organization and productivity.


Share Your Email Wisely


You should be cautious when sharing your email with people. In ideal circumstances, your email addresses should only be known by trusted individuals only, such as family, close friends and business associates. Unfortunately, you will still need a public email if you need to sign up for subscribe on websites or participate in some online forums. In this case, create a generic address that has zero connections to your personal identity and information.


Know Common Phishing Scams


Phishing is the use of fraudulent email accounts and even sites that appear legitimate. Basically, some unscrupulous individuals will send you messages in the hope that you will reveal your information. They will use this to steal your money, compromise your safety and even to take your identity. The most common form is where the phisher poses as a company, and you share the requested information thinking the email is official. The person can also steal log in credentials that are associated with business operations or even financial accounts in the same way. Therefore, you should always look at unsolicited emails with skepticism.


Avoid Opening Attachments and Links


You can compromise your email security by opening malicious emails and responding to the content. Therefore, when you receive an email that includes a link, you should never click on it. You can never truly predict what is on the other end. Clicking could lead to a phishing website or even lead to invasion by viruses. If you find an email reminding you to pay for a service, you should go directly to the website instead of copying the link or clicking on it. The only time you should follow an included link is when it is solicited directly. Also, avoid downloading attachments included in any of your emails. These could be malware which will be automatically installed into your device. Do not rely on the file name or type; these can be spoofed to appear like images or documents, not malicious software.


Install Comprehensive Software


When seeking to improve your email security, it is important to install good security software. You might not be able to notice the invasion of some malicious programs through your email, but this will protect your account and the pertinent device. Comprehensive internet security software can detect viruses, Trojan programs, phishing scams and worms as well as limit spam or unwanted email. In addition, you should choose software with firewall functions. This will continually assess your internet connection and ensure that there is no traffic through it that will compromise your email. Make certain that the security is always updated for maximum effectiveness.

Finally, you should be cautious with regard to the internet connection that you use on your smart devices or computer. Public networks are open to anyone and hackers will take advantage of this. Generally, they can use network sniffers which are essentially programs that can monitor the activity of Wi-Fi users. If they find a vulnerability, they will compromise your email security.

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