Five Best Security Apps for iPhone

An iPhone is a precious device that can be used to improve one’s personal security. There are several iPhone compatible security apps that can be installed on the iPhone in order to improve the surveillance of premises and control of essential security gadgets within and around a building. This article introduces five important security apps you should have on your iPhone, to improve the security of your iPhone and your home.




Kryptos provides the necessary security for your VoIP calls. If you are in the line of business where you regularly make VoIP phone calls, then you need Kryptos to help protect your communication from being intercepted by hackers. The Kryptos app provides military grade encryption for your VoIP communication that ensures that hackers, scammers and government agencies don’t listen to your phone communication. This app provides a AES-encrypted VoIP phone calls for any type of network be it 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. The app is free to acquire but attracts a service charge of $10 per month. 

2. Norton Snap: 



Norton Snap is a secure QR code reader. QR codes are printed on almost any product you buy these days. These codes can be found on a movie ticket, airfare ticket, e.t.c. These QR codes can be scanned by the iPhone camera and read by the QR code reader. This action constitutes a risk to your iPhone because majority of QR codes are hyperlinks to websites, once your QR code reader app decodes the QR code, it can visit the website automatically thereby exposing your iPhone to the risk of virus or malware. It is very easy for hackers and scammers to encode a malicious URL into a QR code thereby compromising the iPhone security of unsuspecting people. Moreso, hackers can easily print a fake QR code and install it on top of legitimate ones. This is why you need the Norton Snap app on your smartphone. It is a free QR code reader that reviews a QR code and scans it for any link to a malware infested site. The Norton Snap app also allows you to decide if you will visit a website or not. 

3. Find My iPhone: 



Find My iPhone is an essential security app that is a must to have for your iPhone. There is no hand held valuable that cannot be lost but the difference is that with an iPhone, there is hope for recovery. Find My iPhone is a free app from Apple and it makes your phone traceable by GPS. Once you set up the app on your iPhone, should your iPhone get missing or stolen, you can easily track it down on Apple’s website or another IOS based device. Apple’s website will instantly show you a map that will indicate where your iPhone is located. As a iPhone user, you stand a better chance protection your iPhone with the Find My iPhone app. 

4. Foscam Surveillance Pro: 



This app takes the use of iPhones to another level. The app allows you to monitor your home while you are away on your iPhone. All you need are an iPhone, IP cameras and internet connection. The app allows you to view up to six cameras in your home on your iPhone screen at the same time. The app also enables you to control the movement of the cameras in your home on your iPhone. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the live feed as well as change the camera’s on board settings from your iPhone. The Foscam Surveillance Pro app offers you peace of mind, allowing you to check on every area of your home when you are away. 

5. Monitor and Control App: 



The monitor and control app is a great app for home and business premises security. The App can be used to control alarm systems in a building from a distant location on an IPhone. The app allows you to arm and disarm your alarm system. The app also sends you an instant notification by e-mail or text message whenever your alarm is sounded in the home so that you can take immediate action. If you have an electronic door lock, the app also allows you to set up access codes for visitors who may visit your home.

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