Five Security Apps For Windows Phones

Windows Phones have been on the market since 2010, the popularity of the device is gradually picking up. As more people acquire and use windows phones, more security apps are being made for the gadget. This article discusses the five best security apps for windows phones.


1. Keeper:


Keeper is the best free password manager available for Windows Phones. The app helps you create unique passwords for each and every of your online accounts. Keeper remembers all passphrases and stores them. The app provides you with encrypted browsing when you are logging into your account in order to prevent hackers, scammers and thieves from gaining access to your information. Keeper has the ability to sync across all windows devices, thereby ensuring that your information is safe every time despite using several devices to access the internet.

2. eWalletGo:


eWalletGo is one of the best security apps you can use on windows phones. The app enables you to secure your online accounts login information, credit cards, banking information, e.t.c. The security app makes it easy for you to keep track of online accounts password and other personal information. The app also allows you to back up your data in the cloud. The eWalletGo app has over 25 card templates organized into various categories. The app provides 256-bit-AES encryption for your personal information. The app also has a comprehensive technical support database. Among other features, the app offers secure cloud backup and record sync for your personal information. The app also backs up your data to Google Docs or Dropbox accounts so that you don’t lose your password in case something happens.

3. AVG Family Safety:


The AVG Family Safety app is a secure browser that provides parental control over the type of websites that can be visited on a device. The app is specifically designed to enable parents control what their kids are watching on the internet by blocking sites with inappropriate and malicious content. The app also enables remote management on multiple devices. After installing the software, a parent would be prompted to create a profile for each child. AVG Family Safety app filters out about 61 categories of undesirable websites and allows parents to choose to block them from being viewed. The app also allows parents to create a custom template of prohibited websites. Furthermore, the app can be configured to warn parents if bad sites are being visited without blocking access. On the otherhand, a parent can choose to use the app to monitor children’s browsing habits without blocking access. The app can also be used to set specific time when children have access to the internet. AVG Family Safety can monitor and record instant messaging conversations on IM clients like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL.

4. Best Phone Security:


Best Phone Security app is an essential security app for a windows phone. The app helps you monitor people trying to break into your phone to steal your personal information. The app will alert you of instances when attempts are made to breach information on your phone when you are away from the phone. Moreso, the app takes a photograph of the intruder who tries to breach your phone and also records the location. This security app offers you peace of mind when you are away from your phone as it enables you to keep every information on your phone safe and secure with either a pattern code protection or pass code protection. Should someone enter the wrong pattern code or pass code, your phone will immediately sound an alarm. The app also allows you to customize an alarm sound thereby giving you the opportunity to embarrass an intruder.

5. Lock & Hide:


The Lock & Hide app ensure that when someone borrows your phone to make a quick call, you can limit access to your personal information and data stored on the phone. The app creates a secure password protected vault for your photos and other personal information you might want to hide from being viewed by a potential intruder. The app adds a layer of data encryption, ensuring that any attempt an intruder makes to get personal information from your phone is fruitless. This app ensures that you can easily charge your phone without fear of intruders compromising your personal information.

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