Frontpoint Security Systems Review

Frontpoint leads the home security industry leader in customer satisfaction and flexibility. Instead of requiring professional installation, consultation, and multi-year contracts, it allows you to design your system from scratch. It allows you to choose your monitoring package, sensors, and contract terms as you deem fit. However, there is some initial equipment cost, but in long-run you would be the winner with their best home security systems.

Bestever Customer Service


Frontpoint has one of the best and unusually friendly business practices. They’re so confident about their service that they offer you 30 day 100 percent money back guarantee. Once you make up your mind, they will ask you to sign a 3 year contract with them. However, they allow you to dip your toes in water for about a year, if you want.


Other plus point of FrontPoint security are:

* Full compliance with all licensing requirements of the industry
* They engage via social media
* 100 percent wireless packages
* They employ customer service reps with full technical expertise

* Their security systems are ZA-wave compatible and also work with smart devices such as thermostats and smart locks.

Smart Apps and Collaboration with and GE


Frontpoint partners with two big names in home security, GE and So they have access to’s patented crash and smash technology’ that calls help even if someone breaks-in, finds out your system and damages it.

Frontpont has made their system compatible with other devices. For instance, they don’t sell smart locks but their devices are compatible with supported models and they let you choose the one you prefer. So they don’t force you to buy their band of equipment.

Frontpoint also has app for Blackberry users, one for Kindle, and a native app for Window Phones and Pebbles. They also have a mobile friendly version of their site and an app for new Apple watch. This watch allows you to completely control the connected devices from your wrist. It includes a one-push resolution for any notification and you can easily view live footage of your premises in your watch.



What about Frontpoint packages?

Frontpoint uses some of the best home security systems and offers you three packages:

Protection Package

This best home security systems package comes at $34.99 per month and offers 100 percent wireless monitoring that’s independent of phone line and Internet connection. It includes UL-listed professional 24/7 monitoring for intrusions/burglary that is delivered straight to their monitoring centers. The package also includes basic fire monitoring, life safety and environmental condition monitoring.

Interactive Package

Their second level plan is interactive. In this best home security systems package you get access to their Z-wave automation. It comes to you at $44.99. It gives you everything in Protection Package plus email alerts, Crash and Smash protection, text alerts, alarm history repository, remote access, basic home automation, and light control. Using the features in this package, you can also track your family and visitors so you know exactly who is going and how is coming.

Ultimate Package

This is the top plan from Frontpoint and is known as Ultimate. It is priced at $49.99 a month. It gives you all of the Interactive package plus climate control recorded video surveillance, and door lock automation. You can also automate your lights, door locks, and temperature using its Z-wave technology.

Frontpoint Security Best Home Security Systems Packages

Frontpoint now follows customized model. So you can pick what you need. With their 3 year contract, they offer you $300 credits towards the purchase of equipment. So if you want anything beyond that, you will have to pay from your own pocket.

Wireless Control Panels


Frontpoint offers you two different types of control panels including Qolsys IQ touch screen and Simon XT system. Their Simon XT system is equipped with battery backup and manages all equipment and can communicate back to the Frontpoints monitoring center.




Frontpoint also offers a disarm touchpad and a remote arm, panic pendant, a keychain remote, and a free mobile app for increased communication and control.

Frontpoint Security Equipment

Frontpoint offers sensors that can monitor open and close movements. They are inexpensive and cost around $32.99 but you can even get them free with your initial equipment credit. If your rooms have several windows, you can opt for motion sensor or their glass break sensor. It can cover up to 1000 square feet.

You can also buy environmental monitoring sensors including sensors for monitoring floor and water. They will give you instant warning if any leak is detected or there is flood. Other sensors are CO sensors, fire/smoke sensors, recessed door sensors, and garage door sensors. You can add the suitable ones as per your needs.

One last interested sensor is image sensor that needs Ultimate or Interactive package and Qolsys IQ panel. It can detect various movements while you’re on the road and can send you colored photo to alert about movements and requires visual verification. In low light conditions, the photo is black and white.

Video Surveillance

The Ultimate Package from Frontpoint provides you remote control over your video surveillance if you buy one of their cameras. They offer outdoor wireless camera, indoor wireless camera with night vision and an indoor pan and tilt camera.

Hardware Warranty

Their hardware comes with full 2 year phone in warranty. If they can’t help you they will mail you replacement partl.

Easy Frontpoint Equipment Installation

You get professional installation from Frontpoint Security.



All in all, Frontpoint Security is the best home security system that you can have. They have A+ rating with BBB and use Z-wave for home automation. They also have a 30-day return policy ad they also allow you to move your security system from one place to another with just one phone call.

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