Protect America The Best Home Security System

Finding a good company to install the best home security system can be tasking. The good news is that Protect America comes in handy to offer you the best home security system. The good news is that it will offer you the basic security equipment for free. That is awesome. However, you have to ensure that you don’t cancel your contract with the company; if you cancel it, you have to pay 100 percent of what you owe the company. To start with, as mentioned earlier, you get the basic equipment at no cost. But you pay for the home security monitoring services. In case you need additional equipment, the bill will be on you. Protect America has managed to be the winner of Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award because of offering basic equipment for free; this saves your hard earned money.

Who installs the security system?


Once you receive the basic equipment from Protect America, you are tasked to install all the devices. There is a manual availed to guide you with installation procedure plus the security system device. If you encounter challenges during installation, you can contact protect America support team through email, phone, and live chat. But contact them only during the regular working hours. The technical assistance team will guide you step by step on how to install. Well, if you are not comfortable doing the installation, you can request the company to send a certified installer to your home. But the installation charges will be on you


The basic package for Protect America in constitute of;

  • Control panel
  • Three door or window sensors
  • One motion detector
  • Three window decals
  • Yard sign

As for the most comprehensive package, it includes

  • Control panel
  • 14 door and window sensors
  • One motion sensor
  • Three window decals
  • Yard sign

You can modify any of the above packages. Protect America meets all your needs by availing a full set of a wireless security device. If you visit its site, you will find devices for example,

  • Glass break detectors
  • Security cameras,
  • Garage door sensors,
  • Sirens
  • Personal security devices

If you contract Protect America for the best home security system, you will get pet-immune sensors that will prevent pets from setting off the alarm in your home. If one of your devices fails to function normally, customer support is available to decide if it needs replacement or reset. If the instrument needs replacement or if it breaks, Protect America delivers it a sap given that the contract is still running. Protect America doesn’t offer repair services; even if a device

What are the fees and policies of Protect America?


If you install the best security system by contracting Protect America, be careful not to terminate the contract, allow it to run to the end. It will save you from paying cancellation fees which happen to be 100 percent. Protect America offers affordable monthly monitoring price. Do you know you don’t need to pay a down payment like in other companies? Remember, you will also get the essential equipment for absolutely free! Buying other equipment is optional. Consider opting for a landline connection so that you can enjoy reduced monitoring fees every month.

What are the monitoring services?


Home security alarm monitoring for Protect America is available in numerous connection types, for example, broadband internet, cellular antenna and a voice landline that is two way. Its monitoring service also has a mobile app; this is determined by the connection you prefer. The mobile app allows access to remote control, home automation features and live security camera. Please take note, as for the video service; you must pay an additional fee. No matter how good a security company is, there is always a delay between an alarm and when the signal fades away at the monitoring station. You have the chance to deactivate the alarm if you pressed it accidentally. After the delay is over, you will be contacted by phone by the monitoring station to confirm if you need any help. If you don’t respond to the call or the password is wrong, the monitoring station contacts the police and sends them over. If you have a two-way voice system, you are connected directly to the home control system. In case the alarm goes off, the intercom is activated automatically, and this enables you to seek help.

In conclusion, consider contracting Protect America to offer you the best home security system. You will enjoy the home security monitoring services. You will no longer worry looking for certified professional installers; Protect America will take care of it. It is affordable plus you will receive basic equipment without paying a single penny.

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