Some Android Security apps You Should Know

It is not little browsing, but active downloading often invites malware on your Android device, especially when it comes to third-party apps and app store. According to a study, it is estimated that at least 150 of illegitimate apps and software make it to the Play Store by Google. However, this number is not alarming enough but still one needs to keep a check on what is fake and harmful. All the products that are available online for Android users are not legal, some are free, others paid, some of them are provided by a third-party. In fact, some of them might be good as well, but it is tough to tell them apart. The best solution that you can employ is to secure your device. For this purpose, you need to employ the android security apps available.

Here are some of the android security apps.

Kaspersky for Android



If you are specifically looking for a security app that enables in securing your contacts, messages, and such data on your phone, then opt for Kaspersky Security Lite. This helps you with maintaining the privacy of your messages and also applies filters to hide specific contacts. This way you can easily control the access on your phone. Other features include anti-theft protection, call filtering, and SIM watch. You are also allowed to specify a security code that is utilized by anti-theft option for activating commands. However, you need to remember that the light version is not fully equipped to provide complete security solutions. You need to install the full version as you will not be able to avail its full security features.

Avast Security App



A free anti-virus security provided by Avast is the best available security app. You will find a lot of useful security tools in this app that will enable you to increase your mobile security. The tools that come bundled with this app are inclusive of security shield, privacy scanner and a shield for the web that enables URL scanning. The web scanner is also capable of detecting any online threat and sends an immediate alert if any threat is detected. You will receive an alert against any malware coming from a specific URL while you are browsing websites or links. Additionally, you will also get an added advantage of a firewall that comes along with this app. If you are concerned about the theft of your device, then you need not worry as you also have an anti-theft option. This gives you the ability to take control of your device through SMS, and you can even perform other remote actions like siren activation, phone lock, and clear history.

Bitdefender Smartphone Security



If you want a complete security app for your android, then Bitdefender gives you a huge option that includes Security and Antivirus app. You can download this app for free. However, initially, you require a Gmail account or sign up with Bitdefender. Immediately after downloading this app you can initiate a complete scan. A full scan will enable in checking all the apps and files that are stored on your phone. Initially, you will get the free version for 14 days that also allows you access to its Pro features. This includes web browsing in real time and services such as anti-theft. Even after offering you all the required security tools, you will still find it cheaper in comparison to other premium apps.

Zoner Anti-Virus App



Securing your Android powered device with an app that comes with an inbuilt feature to enable encrypting messages is what Zoner AntiVrus offers. Post installation of this app you get the options of full scan and phone filtering. Phone filtering includes blocking messages from specified numbers defined by a user. You can even track down your device in case you have lost it. Additionally, you also get a Task Manager and Permissions Checker.

The best feature of this security app is that it offers message encryption, you can encrypt your messages with a passcode, and as soon as the receiver gets your message, the same passcode is used to decrypt it. Other interesting features include restoring, backing up, maintaining logs of messages and calls. Go for a security app today for you to protect your android phone.

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