Stay Safe With These Innovative Personal Safety Apps

If you live in a big city, you might feel bit safe when you go out for a night on your own. But sometimes traveling alone through certain areas, especially late at night, can make you nervous. In fact, you would feel lot safer if there was someone there making the walk with you.

Thankfully, it’s lot better these days because if you own a mobile phone or tablet, you’re never alone. If you’re concerned about your safety and well being there are many personal safety apps that offer live monitoring. Many of these may connect you to a dispatch service, but if you just want a way to warn your contacts there are many options available to you.

Watch Over Me—iOS and Android



Watch Over Me is an interesting personal safety app that greets you with a screen which presents two statements “For…” and “watch over me while I…” followed by two separate buttons. You just need to fill in the action for each statement (take a cab’, walk to my car’, walk home’, meet someone’ or you can add even a new event), and the time frame (hours or minutes). Once you select these specifics and tap the watch over me’ button, you will be diverted to countdown screen to tap to confirm your safety. There’s a square button below it to tap if you want to extend your watch session. If you don’t confirm your safety, the counter reaches zero and will immediately contact your friends via email, SMS or maybe even Facebook, with your exact GPS location.

It comes with a 12 day trial version, and then if you want to continue you will have to pay $4 for a month, $10 for 3 months, $15 for 6 months, and $24 for 1 year. It allows you to add unlimited number of contacts, have unlimited watch me over registrations, send unlimited SMS alerts and shake your mobile to trigger an alert.


bSafe—iOS and Android



bSafe is an easiest to use personal safety apps that allows you to add contacts (called Guardians) who follow you up as you head for home. There is a separate SOS button that will alert your guardians with exact GPS location. Once you register, you will be asked to choose guardians from your contact list. At least one of these contacts should reachable via phone. Other guardians can be accessible through text messages or combination of these both.

If you’re in some danger, immediately hit red SOS button, and this app will sound alarm, text your location to your guardians and will also call a guardian. Remember that all your guardians will be contacted via text, so add only handful of them. This app can also help your friends “walk” your house through GPS. This feature is subscription based. You will have to pay $20 for a year and $30 for two years. You only get SOS alarm and TestbSafe’ button without the alarm. It also triggers a fake call for you to help you extricate yourself from any unsafe or uncomfortable situation.

React Mobile—iOS and Android



It is one of the best personal safety apps that turns your cell phone into a “powerful safety gadget” by allowing you to sent SOS messages to you preselected contacts. The main screen of app is Send your SOS page, with Map Contacts, and a Send SMS tab along its bottom. When you tap the React Mobile’s Shield right in the center, it will send an SOS alert through email, text, Facebook or Twitter, including your GPS location. You can deactivate this shield by holding the shield icon and then entering your cancel alert code (5555).

The three buttons at the top of the screen are constant no matter which part of this personal safety apps you’re on. Follow Me button allows you to set up your session during which your permitted family and friends can follow you in real time. Settings button allow you to turn on posting on posting on Twitter or Facebook. The Alert Button display all the active alerts you may have.

StaySafe—iOS and Android



StaySafe works on the basis of time that you need to set when you’re out for the run. The app will notify contacts if you fail to check in safely when your time is up. StaySafe will send your GPS location via SMS or email, and you can also add details of your event or trip so your contacts know that they’re receiving alert.

StaySafe has auto-inform service that automatically informs selected contacts when you start and then when you stop, so your contacts know when they’ve possibility to receive alert from you. You get two-pin verification system: one is safe PIN, which enters to cancel alarm or alerts, another one is duress PIN that can use in case someone is threatening you or is making you enter the PIN to cancel any alert.

There are four buttons on the personal safety apps home screen: Start, Manage contacts, Countdown, Panic, and Your Settings Button. The Panic Button is grey unless any countdown is running, so you won’t be able to trigger it accidentally. When a countdown is setup, the app will ask you to verify your location. It will then take you to the countdown screen, which shows the remaining time with three options: you can add 15 minutes, or 1 hour, or cancel tracking. You can cancel alarm after entering your safe PIN.

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