What you should know about email encryption software

Email Encryption Software is basically a program that helps you to encrypt your emails and therefore giving you the security that you actually need to keep your information safe. Most companies have adopted this to protect their emails. Email encryption involves sending a coded message and in this process, only the intended receiver is given the key that will enable them to read the message. The third parties will never get access to the message because they do not have the encryption key to the message. So with this software, you can be sure to transmit any sensitive information with full confidence that the unwanted parties will not access your information.



Why Do You Need An Email Encryption Software?


Most people may not be able to tell the importance of encrypting their emails until they fall victims. Well, it said prevention is better than cure and this is very true even in the information world.

Secure and safe communication is a major concern for businesses, high ranked officials in the government, and even organizations of all types. One thing you need to understand here is that if people get access to your email, you can lose a lot.

Broken trust


Many people may be willing to share some information about their lives and such things using the social media but when it comes to serious matters, things become different. Organizations, businesses, and government offices prefer the use of email for communication.

So you will realize that most of the emails contain sensitive information and when such information lands on bad hands, the chance are that there will be a breach of contract and broken trust.

In this era of information, criminals have advanced in technology and whenever they want sensitive information, they actually know where and how to get it. No wonder in the year 2011, several companies and big organizations were hacked and in all cases, emails were targeted in the information found used to jeopardize the normal functioning of such organizations and even highly ranked individuals.

Another important reason as to why you need to have an email encryption software is that when you send your email, it travels through various networks before reaching the intended destination. Anywhere along this network, malicious people can intercept it and take its content. This is achieved when your email is not secured.

What you say now can be used against you in the future. You must have observed this haunting political figures all over the world. To avoid such things, you need to secure what you say.

Types Of Email Encryption Software


Now that email has become one of the most types of communication used by businesses and organizations, there are are many types of email encryption software available and we are going to give you the most common of them.

Transport Layer Security(TLS)



This is a type of email encryption software that is capable of providing security between computers from point to point configuration. These type of software are available for both outbound and inbound email traffic.

Transport layer security assists in preventing the spoofing of addresses between mail servers. It uses cryptography hashing algorithm for communication encryption over the internet and endpoint authentication. TLS is similar to SSL in both weaknesses and strengths.

Secure Multipurpose Mail Extensions (S/MIME)



This is another type of email encryption software. Secure Multipurpose Mail Extensions make use of a certification key in order to encrypt a message. It is actually based on the combination of Public Key Cryptography Standards and Multipurpose Mail Extension.

Secure Multipurpose Mail Extensions technology is encryption a less complex encryption software when compared to Prety Good Privacy. It has the ability to provide you with adequate information security and preventive measures that ensure you do not get into any type of trouble when it comes to matters pertaining to information security.

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)



Pretty Good Privacy was developed in the year 1991 as a form of email encryption software. It is normally used for both encryption and decryption of email messages. One unique feature that makes it effective is its ability to make use of digital signatures as a form of a password in order to protect content in the email.

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is actually the most comprehensive email encryption software because of its ability to combine both digital signatures and hashing algorithms in order to achieve the security of emails.

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